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(Authors Note: Ahead of conception this you ought to see my other articles on Breathing and Full Body Awareness)

Now that you've begun to acquire the capability to move energy about in your body there are some effects that you can do with it. The next exercises range from attractive clean to attractive complicated, but as you acquire your abilities you'll in due course find that you can do them all at once and effortlessly. It can take anyplace from a few weeks to a few years to arise this ability, so bear in mind what I said about expectations.

You'll finally be able to bring to mind how to do these exercises by memory, and then after that you'll get to the point where you just do them lacking having to think about them. In the activation it may be caring to have a partner read the exercises to you or you can order the CD Set that goes with this book at www. windhavenco. org.


Grounding will all the time be an central skill, no be of importance how complex you become, so take the time to learn this now and to be able to do it effortlessly.

Stand in the "Standing Stake" pose described above. Go all the way through the breathing and Full Body Awareness exercises. Envisage roots developing from your feet down all through the core of the earth, just like a tree. In later meditations you can add some category by since the roots flow down to a large gem at the earth's core. Depending on the achieve you want you can vary the crystals and admission atypical energies, but that noticeably ahead of the scope of the application at this point.

As you gasp feel the energy of the earth being drawn up by means of your roots and up all the way through your body and out by means of the top of your head. On your exhale, let that energy drop back down all through your body and feel all the accumulated stress of your life flow out with it and back down all the way through your roots and into the earth. Feel your muscles relax as the stress flows out. This is a good way to announce all your stresses, fears, angers and feelings of inadequacy. Do again this application for awhile, as many times as de rigueur to clean manually out.

There's nil wrong (and a lot of benefit) to stopping at this point and just doing these exercises that I've gone over up to this point, until they be converted into entirely effortless. Every time you feel by hand befitting stressed or angry learn to take a instant and bring down by hand and let those feelings just flow out.

Progressive Relaxation

Progressive Easing is easy to do and you can do it someplace and anytime. Assume your deliberation arrangement of amount (I like the half-lotus on a zafu) and go because of all the exercises I've sheltered up to this point. Just take a flash and feel the relaxed energy that you ought to have after basic knowledge and releasing all your stress. Are you ready to get deeper into this feeling?

Feel the energy that flows up all the way through your roots and into your feet. Make fists with your feet by curling your toes in as far as you can until it hurts, then relax. Let that relaxed atmosphere flow from your toes back over your feet and feel them relax. As you gasp draw that relaxed ambiance up over your ankles and feel them relax completely. On the breathe out let any enduring stress flow back out and down because of the earth.

On your next breathe in draw that relaxed affection back up over your calves, let them relax after under your own steam all day. Draw that relaxed energy up over your thighs with the next inhale. They're the leading muscles in the body, so let them relax and rest now.

As you breathe in feel that relaxed air flow up over your hips and buttocks. Feel the stress bleed away. We store a lost of stress here, so take a minute and let this area relax. Draw that relaxed ambiance up over your stomach and lower back. Feel the muscles in your back relax and feel your stomach move with your inhale.

Bring the energy up over your chest and the central of your back. Feel your heart area get bigger with the relaxed energy and feel all the accumulated stress in among your shoulder blades announce and flow out and back down with your exhale.

Draw the atmosphere of entertainment up over your shoulders and neck. Feel any lasting tension flow out with your exhale. Let that relaxed energy flow up and over your head. Let the muscles of your face and those at the base of your skull relax.

Just sit here and feel this relaxed body that you have. Commit to memory this ambiance as its how you must feel all the time. Tense muscles store energy, which means that your energy isn't flowing because of you, but instead sticking in a variety of sitting room in your body.

When your muscles are relaxed then your energy flows unimpeded and is frequently renewed, departure you air much lighter and more refreshed.


Robert Morgen is a Reiki Master who now holds a Black Belt in Hoshin Roshi Ryu. He's the creator of the Kundalini Beginning Debate Group, the Druids Circle Debate Group and the (offline) Druids Circle in Lakewood, CO. You can find more info on all these at; www. druidscircle. info

He's also the come to nothing and Executive Boss of the Windhaven Foundation for Sustainable Living.

He writes a accepted discourse on crafty energy for Fight Times Magazine and a twice monthly article on Kundalini Beginning at Alumbo. com.

In accumulation to coaching about energy work and Kundalini Arousing he donates time to teach about Renewable Energy, Choice Shop and Creating Sustainable Lifestyles in a range of Broadcast Schools.

He travels and teaches as much as achievable and you can find out how to be present at one of his Kundalini Development seminars at his website at; www. windhavenco. org

His new book "Personal Mastery: Advance Your True Inner Power By Beginning Your Kundalini" is now existing at http://www. lulu. com/RobertMorgen.


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